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A global network of BMA service engineers and our software pool are the tools we use in order to remain fully focused on our customer's specific needs. The integrated Life Cycle Asset Information Management System Comos of Siemens Industry Software...



For its Biomass business field BMA offers its expertise and know-how in material and energy management. As a leading company for machinery and equipment...


Sugar and Sweeteners

In its Sugar and Sweeteners business field, BMA offers advanced technology worldwide with a very comprehensive portfolio. The key competences in the Sugar sector cover extraction / diffusion for juice production, further processing of exhausted pulp or bagasse in presses and modern steam dryers, the multi-stage concentration, and final product obtaining by crystallisation, centrifugation and drying. BMA ...


News and Events

As of January 1, 2014 the two daughter companies BMA America, Co. and Brewer Steel have merged and now operate as BMA America, Inc.

Former BMA America and Brewer Steel are very happy to announce their merger as of January 1, 2014. They now operate together under the name BMA America, Inc.Read more...

Future Career Day 2014 at BMA

Be it the discovery of the company grounds, or the assembly of a centrifugal, the sugar production way from beet to bagging, or self-made small workpieces: The 27 girls and boys took part in this year’s Future Career Day at BMA...Read more...


Success for the BMA-sponsored team of young scientists from Braunschweig at the iGEM student synthetic biology competition: they were awarded a gold medal in the category "Best New Application Project" for their development of a...Read more...

New developments in centrifugal technology

An information event at Cosumar in Morocco. Many employees from the refinery and all Cosumar sugar factories attended the event, which was held at the Cosumar Club in Casablanca.Read more...

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